Hypnotherapy for Fertility

The mind can have a very powerful influence on the
whole process of conception.

Negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours can
all lead to anxiety and get in the way of your goal
of conceiving. 

Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective and gentle
way of accessing your own inner resources and
empowering you to:


  •   Reduce stress
  •   Boost a positive mind-set
  •   Release any anxieties
  •   Work through any emotional blocks

You are always completely in control and aware of your
surroundings (it's not like in the movies) but you are very
deeply relaxed and able to access your own inner wisdom.   

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Research on Hypnotherapy for Fertility  

 by Ruth Allen

Infertile women using mind/body techniques such as hypnosis have a 42%-55% conception rate compared to 20% with invitro fertilisation.

Hypnosis based on imagery and a relaxation strategy was successful in facilitating pregnancy. The treatment was considered to have resulted in beneficial modification on attitude, optimism and mind-body interactions.

Research has shown that hypnosis for fertility doubles the success of IVF treatment. Researchers in Soroka University in Israel found that 28% of women in a group that were hypnotised became pregnant compared to 14%
of those who were not hypnotised.

Source:  http://www.thefertilebody.com/Articles/Details/Research_showing_the_benefits_of_hypnotherapy_for_Fertility_problems


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