Life Between Lives Regression ( LBL )
Life Between Lives hypnotherapy (LBL)  is an advanced technique which takes you into the time/space between lifetimes.   Here you have no body.  You are pure energy and you are making decisions regarding your next incarnation and you may also get advice on this lifetime.  
Here you meet your main spirit guide and your council of elders (the wise beings in spirit) who give you loving advice and support so that can navigate your soul's journey not just through your current lifetime but through your entire evolution.  You may be able to see your soul group (the souls you reincarnate with lifetime after lifetime to work on soul contracts).  You may go to the akashic records (the great library) to get information.  You may go to the rejuvenation center for deep healing and you may go to the body selection area to see why you picked your current lifetime and the body that you are in and perhaps what choices you had at the time.

LBL sessions are extremely profound and potentially life changing, so it is important for you to set aside the whole day for this work.  You can expect to be in trance for approximately four hours.  You may be surprised at how quickly your journey seems to be completed because, when in trance, time becomes very elastic and non-linear.  

People who are already familiar with trance  tend to enter into the hypnotic state more rapidly and with greater depth than those encountering this altered state of consciousness for the first time.  This is why we always do a past life regression first in preparation for the life between lives session.  This exploration into your spiritual life is not a journey to be rushed.  Savour the experience.   

Knowledge and understanding of our purpose here on earth and the goals we set out to achieve often makes LBL clients renew their commitment to complete the remainder of this incarnation with a greater sense of purpose and understanding.

During the LBL session individuals derive an enhanced understanding of why they have taken birth, why they have chosen to face the challenges that have arisen during the course of this lifetime, and what soul lessons are being fulfilled by passing through these experiences. Through an encounter with one's council of elders  (the wise beings in spirit) it is possible to understand that our present human incarnation, like those which preceded it, is a precious opportunity for spiritual evolution.

As a result, people often return to wakeful consciousness with a deeper commitment to live out their life purpose.  

The LBL session will be structured to meet your specific needs and it will include a long and gentle trance induction designed to ensure that sufficient trance depth is achieved.

After your LBL session   it is important to integrate the information into your daily life. Your soul has asked for and received wisdom about your purpose in this incarnation and so it is recommended that you listen to your LBL.  You may want to  keep a journal to help you gather insights into your soul's journey. 


Preparation for your LBL session: 
You will need a past life regression with me before the Life between Lives regression.  This will be on a separate day (allow 4 hours). No preparation is necessary for this.

Your LBL session:

Allow 6-7 hours.
(Note: washroom breaks are ok
and will not take you out of trance)

In preparation:
1. Please put together a list of your cast of characters. These should be the important people (both positive and negative) in your life presently and from your past, first names only please.  Put brackets around the names if they are deceased.  Also put a few key words beside each one for relationship and characteristics. 
(John) - friend, intellectual, falsely charming,  alcoholic
2. Also please put together a list of soul questions. Here are some examples:

why am I here? 
what life lessons am I working on right now?
what gifts do I have that I am not aware of?
what is my soul contract with ___ ?
who are the members of my soul group?
who is my primary soulmate? 
where does my fear of ___ come from?
health issue ___  how can I heal it?
have I experienced incarnation on any place other than earth? where?
how can I improve my health?
why am I afraid of ___ ?
is there someone whom I need to forgive?  
why do I feel drawn to ___ ? 
what am I not seeing right now that would help me? 

This is the time for broad deep questions.   The more effort you put into your questions the greater your experience will be.  I do ask generic questions but this is about your soul's jouney so it's about what YOU need know. 
For the LBL, try not to drink alcohol the evening before the session. Please eat before you come for the session as you will need energy for the long session. Do not drink excessive amounts of water or coffee before the session.  Come without expectations. I will record it digitally for you. Do not have any big plans for later that same day and if possible schedule a bit of reflection time for the following days.


Some clients come from other provinces,
flying in or driving here.  If you are coming in
from out of town please do not plan on driving
long distances the same day as your LBL session. 
For your own safety please wait until the next day. 
This is soul work and cannot be rushed.



LBL gives you the opportunity to ...


Understand your life's mission

One of the goals of spiritual regression is to receive information regarding your soul contract (your life’s mission)  in this incarnation.

Contact your spiritual guide

LBL may be your first strong contact in the form of seeing or getting a sense of your main guide.   We connect with your guide directly and also telepathically in LBL and this may make your own communication in the future easier.


Understand your spiritual nature

The experience of an LBL may show you that you are indeed a spiritual being having a human experience and not a human being having a spiritual experience.

Meet your soul group

You may meet your soul group and recognize those souls with whom you have been incarnating time after time, life after life.  Sometimes they present in a combination of light and human form and sometimes they present only as light energy but it is still possible for you to recognize who they are.

Heal profound grief

Maybe you have lost someone and desire to contact them. It is not uncommon to meet a loved one in an LBL  [see my  testimonials].   Even if your guide does not allow this meeting to happen, you can still ask questions about the departed soul.

Receive advice on love

You may wonder if you have a soulmate.  When appropriate, your spirit guide will provide you with advice to help you in your relationship.  [Note: you may get information on this in a past life regression as well]

Understand feelings

You may have inexplicable deep rooted feelings.  When you explore the source of these feelings in an LBL, you may be provided with knowledge and healing.  

Face challenges

It is possible to ask your guide to help you make better decisions.  In a deep state of trance, you can access information that may be beneficial in facing your life challenges more effectively.

Find forgiveness

You may be carrying negative feelings toward yourselves and/or others.  In an LBL, you may discover your soul contracts with members of your soul group.  This often  explains why some people came into your life and why certain events happened as they did.  


You may discover the cause behind your health issues and then be able to act on that knowledge.  Please include questions about your health in the soul questions you prepare for the LBL session.  We can get information on your healing from your guide,  from your council of elders and possibly at the Akashic Records (the great ibrary).  We will also be going to the Rejuvenation Center to access healing and energy. 





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