"sleep like a bunny" 

Book a private sleep and healing session today. 
(allow one hour)
Very relaxing and highly effective.

... or get my audio

Relaxation into S L E E P

Having trouble falling or staying asleep at night? 

"I lovingly release the day
and slip into peaceful sleep,
knowing tomorrow will take care of itself.

This audio
has beautiful white light 
imagery with positive 
healing affirmations 
(based on the marvellous 
teachings of Louise Hay).
These will lead you into
a cosy and refreshing
deep healing sleep.


You'll love it!

Most people never hear the end of it 
... why? ...  
because they fall asleep. 

This has been used by psychologists
in the US for insomnia clients. 

It helps you fall asleep and stay asleep 
and also suggests that should you 
awaken in the night you will easily fall back 
asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.


It's magic! 


$20 for the audio file 
which I send to you via email 
and you can put it on your phone 
or tablet and even share it with friends 

PayPal or e-transfer to miara@mts.net 


CD Testimonials:
I am writing again to inquire if I can
purchase two sleep CD's from you.
The one I have needs to be replaced.
I listen to it almost nightly. ... 
I really need to replace this CD, and ...

The reason I am replacing it is
because my tuxedo cat
Tinkerbell keeps sitting on top
of my bedroom CD player,
impatient for me to wake up in the morning.
Her body weight scratches it up
after doing this all of the time.
(Its a top-loading CD player.)  
That's her morning waiting spot,

~BZ (a psychologist who uses
it for herself and her clients),
New York
"After months of sleepless nights,
interrupted sleep patterns,

waking up exhausted and dragging
all day from lack of sleep,

I was simply amazed when,
to my complete surprise,
I fell asleep after only a few minutes
of listening to this CD, and
slept the entire night,
to awake refreshed and re-energized.

I have been listening to it every night
ever since, and have only managed
to stay awake to the end of the CD
once or twice...

it works like a charm,
better than a sleeping pill

- with no after-effects!"
-- Estelle Reder, Usui Reiki Master 
"The sleep CD is wonderful!"
-- Mariusz Kowalski 
"I haven't slept so well in years!"
-- Merle Draper

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