Great read

A well written book about a woman's search for meaning in her life. 
Marianne takes us along as she learns and experiences many aspects 
of life.   This book is easy to read and to relate to the author's search and 
growth spiritually. 
I look forward to more from this author.
― Lizzie

Great journey, nice ride and wonderful read 

When a book becomes a friend because the author has traveled 
where you’d like to go or have gone yourself, there is a magic 
that happens in the reading resulting in pure enjoyment. 
That was my experience of “Spirit Blossoms”. 
This second publication from Marianne Gillis emerges from 
her unique style that distills a wide range of today’s healing 
modalities into approachable, comprehensible ways of gaining 
insight and reclaiming our own growth potential. 
Her life's journey with healers of all stripes gave me a respectable 
overview of what's available to all or most of us seeking ways of 
having life be more successful.
I really liked the book and if healing or personal growth is 
of interest to you, I expect it would a worthy investment of time 
and money.
― BobK


I was enthralled the whole time by what I was reading.
I’m pretty sure I will be reading it again. 
It’s filled with light and such higher vibration 
I absolutely loved it. 
It rang so true to me when I read it…. 
Thank you Marianne for the opportunity of a great read.
― Lina

Excellent book - Congratulations! 

I just finished the book.  I was so happy to see the story at the end!  
I so loved that part. 💞  
Excellent book - Congratulations!
―   Melody xox

An inspiring informative read. 
Way to go! 

It's a good book, which took me back to a lot 
of memories of you and your adventures which had, 
over the years, slipped away.  (Along, I suspect, 
with most of my IQ...).   Also found out some other stuff 
which I had either not known before, or that has occurred 
since the last time we were keeping in closer touch. 

A Beautiful Journey of Exploration from a Gifted Story Teller
Although I have known the author for several years, 
this gave me insight into what motivates her. 
Imagine someone telling you what really interests 
someone you know or deal with - from the perspective 
of a careful observer.  If you want to be a story teller 
this is a model of how to do it.
― Web


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