I teach the following courses:

Reiki & Karuna & Lightarian
Mandala & Symbology


Reiki I

This course will teach you how to do physical healing treatments on yourself and on others (including pets).  Anyone can do Reiki so don't be hesitant about taking it.  I will also teach you scanning and introduce you to pendulum work.  Includes attunements (/sacred transmissions).  A binder (/manual)  will be supplied for you to keep for reference. Certification.  

One short day (approx 3 hours).  


Reiki II 

More advanced Reiki techniques and sacred symbols for distance healing and emotional healing. The level of energy flow achieved following the Reiki II attunement exceeds Reiki 1. This course teaches you how to transcend time and space in sending healing energy.  Attunement.  Reference manual supplied. Certification.
Also includes a review of Reiki 1 (so no worries if you've forgotten Reiki 1).
One short day (2.5 hours). $200

Reiki III (Master/Teacher)

Advanced healing techniques and attunements.  You will be able to channel stronger & more effective energy. This course with its attunements confers the ability to teach and attune others. Includes a review of Reiki 1 and 2.  Certification.
Two short days (or one long day). $500

Karuna® I, II and Master Level 

Eight new symbols and related attunements. This is a powerful boost to the next level of energy and introduces you to sound healing.  Your Certificate will be issued by William Lee Rand (in the US) and you will be registered with them as a Karuna Master. 
Two days. $400 (plus $40 for the official manual)
[Prerequisite: Reiki Master]
Personal note:  I would not recommend taking Karuna unless you are specifically interested in sound healing or teaching Karuna.  Although I have taught it many times I do not use it much. 


Lightarian Reiki will connect you to the ascended masters for the purpose of healing.  Your vibration will be raised as you begin to connect with etheric Light energies for self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and manifestation. It is advised to always allow one month between Lightarian levels.

To be a Lightarian means that you are consciously engaged in your own process of inner development and dedicated to the application of these spiritual principles. 

Note: It is not necessary to take Karuna Reiki before Lightarian Reiki.  On completion of each level of Lightarian Reiki you will receive certification and be able to teach it.

This is a powerful acceleration of your soul's evolution.

Personal note:  It is not necceary to take Karuna before Lightarian.  Lightarian has made a huge difference in the quality of energy I channel for healing. 

Sacred Psychic Art / Mandala

This is an introduction to mandala work and other sacred art.   No artistic ability required.  A fun and enlightening afternoon.  $150.  

Symbology:  Understanding your Soul's Journey in this Lifetime


This is a interesting and fun workshop in which you learn about yourself and the language of symbols. It will give you new insights into your Soul's journey in this lifetime.  If you are interested contact me and I will send you details.
Approx 2-3 hours.  $150.


These courses are available on request

To book please contact me

Note:  All classes can be scheduled at your convenience.  


Personal Note: 
I am very honored to be part of the Usui Reiki Lineage and have taught students from all over the world: Europe, Australia, Brazil, Dubai, Korea, India, and Russia and, of course, from all over Canada (Calgary, Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Selkirk, Gimli, the NorthWest Territories, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Kenora). Lately I find that I am training more professionals in Reiki than ever before (nurses, chiropractors, naturopaths and, of course, energy workers in all modalities) which indicates that Reiki is very much moving into the mainstream.  
Very exciting!

I took my own training in Reiki 1 & 2 about 18 years ago. A few years later I took my Master Level and I have been teaching ever since. I love doing Reiki and teaching Reiki and Ligtarian. Reiki has changed me in very profound ways and I know it will have a profound effect on you too.

... Marianne 


Note:  I will be teaching hypnotherapy for certification in Nov 2018 
Please contact me for details in email if you are interested.  




A Few Teaching Testimonials

Thank you so much for sharing Reiki
with me. I had a wonderful day learning
levels 1 & 2 with you.
It was so much fun and so exciting!
Thanks for doing both levels with me in one day,
it was a good timesaver for me.
I had been worried about how
I would remember all the info,
but we went at a good pace and I am happy
with how it all went.
The binder is also fantastic!
You are a wonderful teacher.
I was immediately comfortable with you.

~ Andrea Metner

I am honored to have been your student today! 
Thank you for all your wonderful teachings a
nd wisdom. 
Stay well,



I recently took level one and two Reiki training
from Marianne. 

It was a very interesting day
and very well worth the time 

and energy to be trained by Marianne.   

Marianne thought from the heart,
provided excellent explanations 

to my questions and provided 
an excellent reference manual.  

I have read it a couple of times
to reinforce the material presented 

and have visualized the presentation
each time by a fantastic teacher / healer. 

 Thank you Marianne,
now I am better prepared to help others 

heal and encourage them
to enjoy this journey called life.

~ David W. 



The attunements were awesome.

Learning the (Karuna) symbols was made easier
with the teacher's explanations.
The class and presentation were excellent.
I will recommend my teacher (Marianne) to anyone
looking for a Karuna teacher.

~ Elizabeth Dyer

I would strongly recommend this class
Nice, lovely, calming, giving ...

~ Evgenia (Jane) Pobirohin 

Thank you for the lovely class.
I have already found many missing pieces
to the puzzle of life and answers
for many unanswered questions.
Thank you so much.
for sharing the magic of Reiki
Love Christine

Thank you for a wonderful day -
you are an inspired teacher.

~ Patsy A. Brown

Since having my attunement
& using Reiki on myself,
my blood pressure has dropped significantly.
At a recent doctor's appointment,
my doctor said "I don't understand
what you are doing, but keep doing it!"
Great to know that I can help myself
as well as others.
In love & light,
~ Cheryl L.

I enjoyed your Reiki class
on Saturday and as a matter of fact 
we are now offering it
through volunteer services
at the hospital to cancer care patients. 
The feedback has been so postive. 

~ Michelle N. 

"I greatly appreciated the time
that I spent as a Reiki student with Marianne.
Marianne's knowledge is extensive,
and her teaching style is relaxed,
which is great for the nervous student
(such as myself!).
She is open to questions
and is always encouraging.
I highly recommend Marianne
as a teacher and as a Reiki practitioner."

~ Tania Viegas-monchamp 




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