Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) 

Not many of us can access memories from our own past lives spontaneously or even by intent.  However, when we are in a state of trance most of us can.

When I first started offering past life regression it was because I had been very interested in it for a long time.  I correctly assumed that people would be curious and want to try it.  I quickly discovered, in my own practice, that past life regression (PLR) often triggers amazing healing effects.  Bringing deep memories up from the subconscious into normal conscious awareness can often result in a spontaneous healing.  This may happen on a physical level but also often on a mental, emotional or spiritual level. 

Now that I know this and have been working with PLR for more than a decade, before every PLR session I ask if you want to target a specific issue. 

If you have no particular issue in mind, I can assure you that your higher self (/super-consciousness) will pick appropriate lifetimes which hold information which will help you on your soul’s journey. 

Various possibilities in a PLR:
  •  clear past life trauma 
  •  contact a past life creative ability and bring it forward to be a resource for  this lifetime.  Some examples of this would be music, art, writing, design, dance, martial arts, or perhaps social skills, such as leadership, teaching, telepathy, mediumship, child rearing skills, couage, medical intuition, healing. 
  • clear a karmic pattern:  “Why does this always happen to me?”discover a past life soul connection or relationship 
  • find fascinating information with a powerful positive potential for influencing and perhaps even redirecting (/recreating) your current lifetime 
  • heal a phobia 

This is, of course, just a brief overview of some of the possibilities as many books have been written and much research has been done on this subject.

We are on a new frontier of exploration.


A Few Testimonials  (more on my testimonial page):
Past Life Regression
Prior to the session I was nervous as I did not know what to expect as I had a fear of losing control of my thoughts and actions.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was cognisant throughout the whole session, able to move and talk as needed which allowed me to relax and let the process unfold.  

Another thing I noticed was that the state of consciousness I reached during the past life regression session was very similar to the state of consciousness I reach during my meditations so it was already familiar to me and allowed me to sink even deeper into the process.

After the session I felt energized and excited; but made sure that I took time for myself to allow for integration and writing of my experience.   I found that as I looked at Marianne's notes and wrote more of my own, I was able to reach a new level of self acceptance and understanding.  It has been 2 days since my session and I have already listened to the recordings, made further notes and gained additional insight into patterns in my life. 

Thanks again for such a wonderful experience - the understanding I have gained is invaluable!

Della Reside
Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Past Life Regression

There was one life in particular that was very interesting and in a way created more questions than what was answered. .... There were some things that shifted in me in big ways. Kind of like a revelation in terms of life and what I've been doing lately. After the PLR I strongly and very convincingly got a feeling that all the answers I ever want to know, or have been searching for ARE within me. That is, all these years spent looking into that program, or this self help thing, or this book were all fine and dandy, but the real truth of the matter is what I truly seek are answers that I can only get by going within.

I had always sort of suspected this, but didn't give it much credence. Then I had the PLR and I had a very sure feeling afterwards about it that I had not had before. It was liberating since it means I can stop chasing for the truth [and spending stooopid amounts of money]. I just gotta be still, be quiet and go deep within. Because the PLR gave me this new insight, I've begun to embrace meditation as a means of getting to that deeper self.

I had been resistant to it, procrastinating and really devaluing it. I had a meditation program to work with, but I hadn't "gotten around to it". But now I am able to accept it and am trying to make it into a routine. Through this meditation my mind seems to be shifting and expanding even more. So I've definitely been set to a different path now.

Doreen Anaka (Winnipeg 2012)

Past Life regression

The past life regression has definitely helped me on my spiritual path. It added a whole other layer of thinking about my past and has helped answer questions I had about myself and the world. 
~ Josh B., Winnipeg 2012

Past Life Regression
Hi Marianne,
Thanks for the audio files and for a great experience!
I must say I was very relaxed after the session and had fun processing some of the details. I had a dream last night about swimming in an ocean with great urgency; it was strange in that it was more of an isolated "flash" than a dream - it stood apart. I laughed today when I considered there seems to be a pattern emerging with elements of danger. I do feel as though something has opened up in me and I'm so glad I tried past life regression with you!

~ Stacey F.  (Winnipeg 2014)

Life between Lives

Recently, Marianne Gillis facilitated a Life Between Lives regression session for me.  I would like to offer my insight for those contemplating working with Marianne for any sort of hypnotherapy or other type of spiritual support session.

 Marianne is quite exceptional in that she has a personal communication style that is completely respectful of her clients and helps them through sometimes difficult issues while making them feel completely safe and accepted.

This is very important for clients, like me, who will come to explore previously hidden elements of their past, with some concern about what they may discover.  Marianne's sensitivity and attitude of acceptance enhances eachsession and creates an experience marked by patience, insight, support and love.

Webster Webb, Winnipeg Canada (2011)

Life between Lives / Past Life Regression 

I was very excited to be given the recent opportunity to engage first in Past Life Regression, then in Life Between Lives Regression, with a person who has been a close friend for thirty-five years.  Seven weeks later, I am still marveling at the experience. 

Besides the beauty of the images that I felt or intuited, I am lately aware that I have been resting in a place of uncommon happiness; I am experiencing a depth of love and affection for the people in my life that is fundamentally deeper, sometimes uncontainable. I would highly recommend the experiences of supreme beauty surrounding the Rejuvenation Centre, the thought of which never fails to bring a smile to my lips.

It was a boon to receive a copy of the session, which for me lasted over three hours. Although I felt I remembered most of the answers to Marianne's questions, it was interesting to hear myself answering in the way I did ... so very slowly ... and deliberately. 

So go and be rejuvenated at your earliest possible convenience ... 
 KCC, Winnipeg (2011)

Past Life Regression and LBL

You are a very special person and we are so thankful you do what you do. Our experience was nothing short of astounding. We are still trying to process it in our minds.

C___ (her husband) has shared with me that he saw many more things in his regression that he did not speak about on tape so we would like to transcribe for his Memory sake.  What it all means for our future soul development, we are unsure  . Both C___ and I got the message patience and knowing so.... Our guides and elders have more confidence in ourselves than we do :-)

We loved the Blue Jays game, our friends at mount forest, our train ride to Ottawa, our family and our 3 days spent at a cabin on a lake in Quebec. We were the only 3 people in the world- talk about soul time.
The best part was then getting home to our horses and cattle work.

Now, Thank you once again for such an experience.
Take care, if you ever want to experience ranch life we would be glad to host you.
Take care,
A and C (Saskatchewan, Canada 2012)

Followup a month later:
I have been slowly transcribing my LBL session and I am simply reamazed at the experience. I had it in my mind that a LBL would be a subconscious memory of a time between one life and perhaps this life. However, it was much more an actual experience.
When I was holding K___ (my deceased daughter), it felt like I was holding her in the here and now which I am sure I was. What an incredible experience that was. Also, when my mom amd dad greeted me it was very much in the present and about present day situations. I laughed when I heard myself say I wanted to stay right there on your couch. I am very happy in the life I am living so for me to say that indicates what a wonderful experience I was having in my LBL session.
Thankyou once again- rather than answering questions it has left both C___ and I with a much wider perspective of what life is all about, an open mind and a willingness to venture wholeheartedly along this life's path. 

Life between Lives / Past Life Regression

"I found both of these sessions (LBL/PLR) with Marianne very rewarding. Working hand in hand, they have both enhanced my sense of "Self ". They have shed a brilliant light on my life's purpose.

Especially with the LBL I loved the experience of connecting with the Heavenly Beings and gaining from them so many meaningful and wonderful insights.

Marianne exudes a very calming voice, is very focused in her approach and is also most attentive to your needs. 

Thanks again Marianne for enriching my "Life"!"

Shirley W.M., Winnipeg, Canada 2011

Life between Lives

I think the memory of myself on the other side will be very valuable in maintaining a higher perspective on all my relationships in this lifetime.

Thank you for your help with this and good luck with your work on the planet!

Love, Linda
Winnipeg 2012

Life Between Lives

Marianne was a gracious host, and lovely lady who made me feel welcome upon arriving for my LBL.  I felt comfortable with her to conduct a session with me and it turned out nicely.  I was able to recover information I had been looking for, confirm information I had, and accept new information about my future. 
Thank you for all your help!
~Kimberly Dunsing, Alberta 2012

Past Life Regression 

I had a past life regression that was facilitated by Marianne during the spring of 2012.  The past life regression has helped me to gain greater insight into the way that I am and the things that I need to work on in my current incarnation. I would encourage others to try it as it has helped me to understand myself.

I had wanted to make sense of some of the events in my current incarnation and I had thought that perhaps a past life regression might help me to make sense of my current life. So I visited Marianne and she gave me a past life regression.  It was a life changing experience.  I was given information on two of my past lives (the most recent previous incarnation that I had; and an incarnation from a long time ago).  I do not wish to provide details here of what happened during the session because it is quite personal and I am not ready to share it yet.  But over the last few months I have been contemplating the meaning behind many of the things that I saw.  It has helped me to see that I have been making the same sorts of mistakes/choices in incarnation after incarnation. It also highlighted to me strengths that I have had in other incarnations. It has also helped me to understand myself better and to have more compassion towards myself and others.  During the past life regression I actually communicated to the person who designed my current life chart and they provided me with much needed guidance.

Marianne was very helpful in helping me to interpret the meaning of the the past life session. Marianne is very friendly and I felt comfortable around her. She has a wealth of knowledge in regards to spiritual concepts and you will find talking to her to be quite fascinating.

D in Winnipeg 2012  

Followup:  D told me the following (in email) some months after his past life regression:

"Thanks again for the past life regression.  I think about it every day, there are an incredible amount of teachings that were given to me from it. ...  My favorite teaching of all time came from it."  

Past Life Regression

Thank you so much for a wonderful time.
I have so many different thoughts flying through my mind.
A lot to process , but I am so happy I met you and you took me on this amazing journey.
Thank you so so muchHibiscus

~ Kristina V., Winnipeg 2012




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