Marianne Gillis  BSc, CHt, LBLt

Marianne Gillis holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Manitoba and is a former accountant.  After raising two daughters and freelancing as a magazine writer and computer programmer, she revisited her long forgotten dream of flying and got her private pilot's license.  This passion opened the door to her spiritual awareness. 

Marianne teaches 
Hypnotherapy, Symbology/Mandala, and all levels of Reiki.  
She is a graduate of the Gateway Program at the Monroe Institute (Virginia) and has studied with many spiritual healers and shamans in both Canada and the US.  

She has been a certified member of the following international associations: 

National Assocation of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists 
The National Guild of Hypnotists 
The Newton Institute for Life between Lives Hypnotherapy 

She has been a volunteer at the Rainbow Room of the Health Sciences Centre (HSC) in Winnipeg offering hypnosis sessions to the staff.  

Marianne specializes in Past Life Regression therapy and Life between Lives Regression therapy.  



Note:  I teach hypnotherapy 
usually twice a year - small class.  
If you have an interest, 
please contact me for details.  



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