Personal Note 

Whether you have one single issue or multiple issues,
if you are feeling stuck and unable to find help
for a physical, emotional, or spiritual issue,
I invite you to come and talk to me and
we'll see if I can help you in some way. 

Often even one session of deep relaxation
(hypnotic trance) can help.
I have been doing healing work for the
past two decades and I have a wide variety 
of methods to help people. 

There is usually a deep part of you 
(call it your Higher Self or your Soul) 
that knows what's going on and knows 
what you need. 
That's the part I work with. 
So I don't impose anything on you 
but rather I ellicit answers from you 
that will help you in your healing. 

I do Reiki (spiritual healing) and I teach Reiki; 
I do hypnotherapy and I teach hypnotherapy;  
and I offer shamanic soul retrieval.
Shamanic practice seems to come naturally to me
as perhaps I have been a shaman in a past life. 

I have helped many people 
over the decades. 

I also mentor people on their spiritual path.  

     (free consultations) 

Please also tell your friends who need help 
 to come and see me. 

~  Marianne 
 if distance is a problem we can use Skype 


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