Personal Note 

We all worry about dying
and where we go 
after this lifetime ...
Well I'm a hypnotherapist, and more specifically
a spiritual regressionist, and that means I take
people back in time through this lifetime and
into their past lifetimes and back into that space
between lifetimes where we have no body and
we're just hanging out in pure awareness 
making decisions on our next incarnation,
soul's journey. 

This often releases any fear of dying 
as it gives you a chance to understand 
more about your soul's journey. 

If you have one single issue or multiple issues,
if you are feeling stuck and unable to find help
for a physical, emotional, or spiritual issue,
I invite you to come and talk to me and 
we'll see if I can help you in some way. 

I have been doing healing work for the
past two decades and I have a wide variety 
of methods to help people. 

There is usually a deep part of you 
(call it your higher self or your soul) 
that knows what's going on and 
what you need. 
That's the part I work with. 
So I don't impose anything on you 
but rather I ellicit from you 
that which will help you in your healing. 

free consultations 
~  Marianne 



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