Soul Retrieval

We all have times in our lives when we experience
great stress or 
pain.  This is when part of our soul
makes the decision to leave in
 order protect itself

When you say to yourself in quiet moments:
"I never felt the same
 after ... " that may be an
indication that there has been a loss of

Soul Retrieval Process

I have trained over the past twenty years with five
different shamans
 in both Canada and the US.   

Please note that in soul retrieval we do not revisit
any trauma so
 there is no chance of re-traumatizing.   
This is a gentle way of
 healing in which you simply
relax while I do all the work:  onnecting with power
 drumming, rattling and journeying on
your behalf.

I consider soul retrieval to be the deepest and oldest
form of healing.

A Few Soul Retrieval Testimonials:

Back to being of value. 
Today, I know this is just a word.

I no longer need any validation from anyone.
This is what your soul retrieval achieved.
My deepest gratitude.
~ LAW in Hawaii, 2018

For all those who have ever felt lost,
broken, forsaken, 
incomplete like something is missing,
like there is a wound
 that just won’t seem
to heal or like life just doesn’t appear the
 you dreamed it would, I highly
recommend having a soul retrieval done,

This was my situation when I first came
to Marianne.

I consider myself to be a spiritual person,
but there’s still a lot I
 don’t concretely
understand, it’s a topic that can be so
abstract and
 obtuse, sometimes there 
is no logic, no words, it’s just a feeling,
a knowing/sense deep inside that can’t
be explained. I myself came 
into the
whole experience with doubts and mixed
feelings, but I was
 feeling so lost and
thought, what harm could it do?

We live in a society that focuses primarily
on the physical (body) and
 mental (mind)
health, there’s so much focus on the external
world but
 what about our internal spiritual
health, what about the soul? What
that part of who we are, the light that
distinguishes us and
 makes us uniquely
who we are, that cannot be replicated, our
 our identity, what happens when
there is something “off” at the very
of who we are?

My personal story involves never really
feeling that I had a home in
 this world or that
I belonged anywhere.
I grew up in a family that
 never really “got” me,
“saw” me or appreciated who I was 
Maybe it’s not your family; maybe it’s your peers, 

partner, colleagues, or just society in general
that expects you to be 
a certain way. I had a
choice to make which caused great conflict for

me as I wanted to be that good little girl, listen
& obey my elders, I
 wanted to fit into that mold
of what we’re told we should be, but what
being asked of me ultimately was not my truth
and was not what I
 felt in my heart was right.

I opted to stand on my convictions & follow
my truth, which resulted
 in being cast out, left
solated and alone like a man stranded on an

island (a very painful experience), which I
believe is the risk we all
 take when we choose
to go against the grain, we choose to stray
 from the norm or general consensus.
We sacrifice so much of ourselves
 in order to
please others, be accepted, receive the love,
 and validation that we think will fulfill
us, make us happy & feel
 worthy, but at what cost?

After retrieving that part of my soul that had
been missing for so
 long, within days, that
feeling of being alone lessened.
I felt
 fulfilled in a way I have never before
because I had been true &
 honoured who I
was authentically. I finally felt together & whole.
 felt a sense of relief, freedom, clarity and
peace similar to that of
 clouds dissipating
after a long storm and the sun coming out
 that this was a final step in healing for me).

I felt HOME.  I no longer felt burned by my past,
even though parts
 may be a sad and tragic, I no
longer felt that sadness inside because
 I had my
truth, my authenticity, my integrity… I had ME
and I accept
 and am secure, at peace and
content with that and I know deep in my
that I am okay, I will continue to be okay and
that things will
 be okay. I realized that the love
and validation that I really needed
 was ultimately
my own and it could only come from within.
That love,
 validation, security, freedom, peace,
worthiness, acceptance, approval
 and happiness
that I kept looking for externally came from within,
came as a result of my soul being whole.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Marianne,
I could not have done
 this without you
RW – Winnipeg, MB


Thank you for the soul retrieval.  I will cherish
my little star
 within me and honour her with lots
of figs and fruits. ... 
Soon I
 will be on my way to my spiritual journey.
I will contact you with
 visions and dreams that
I will be having. 
I will be taking some or
 more sessions with soul
retrieval with you in the near future.

Love you lots girl and I will see you later.
Namaste    love light and joy.

HS, in Winnipeg 2012


When Marianne did a Soul Retrieval for me she
found a soul part of me
 that had been traumatized
around the age of 5-6 years old.

I never had nightmares again about the episode
where I was
 accidentally locked in a bathroom in
a rural one-room schoolhouse. I
 had been bothered
by the fear of being in small spaces with no
stemming from that incident, and it has greatly
reduced my
 fear of small spaces.

Marianne did an awesome job in that Soul Retrieval
session, and I
 thank her immensely for helping
reintegrate my lost soul part back
 into my soul being.

~ Estelle Reder,  Reiki Master

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